Sunday, 9 October 2011

New Hood

Just a little post too long too fit on Twitter, but maybe not blog post worthy.

So, all of you probably noticed I haven't updated Verre Tranquille in a few months. But what you didn't know is that since mid-August I have been playing a new hood, called Boston River, and I'm 3 households away from finishing the 4th Round (First 20 years). During this time I got attached to the Sims living in Boston River and I decided that I definitely want to blog about them. Unfortunately this means that Verre Tranquille will no longer be updated, as I have simply lost interest in it and if it's not fun for me anymore, so why continue?

You can check out the first 2 updates for Boston River there, I posted them a long time ago, when I was just starting, and I will post the updates for the first few rounds soon.

I hope you can all enjoy the new neighborhood just as much as I do, and stay tuned for a VT resident moving to Boston River in Round 3 ;)