Sunday, 9 October 2011

New Hood

Just a little post too long too fit on Twitter, but maybe not blog post worthy.

So, all of you probably noticed I haven't updated Verre Tranquille in a few months. But what you didn't know is that since mid-August I have been playing a new hood, called Boston River, and I'm 3 households away from finishing the 4th Round (First 20 years). During this time I got attached to the Sims living in Boston River and I decided that I definitely want to blog about them. Unfortunately this means that Verre Tranquille will no longer be updated, as I have simply lost interest in it and if it's not fun for me anymore, so why continue?

You can check out the first 2 updates for Boston River there, I posted them a long time ago, when I was just starting, and I will post the updates for the first few rounds soon.

I hope you can all enjoy the new neighborhood just as much as I do, and stay tuned for a VT resident moving to Boston River in Round 3 ;)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Happy Anniversary!

So, wow, I sure neglected this blog!

Anyway, the first post of VT was posted exactly one year and one day ago and while the story hasn't started until much later, it's been one year since I joined this "community".

Thanks for reading about my Sims 2 neighborhood everyone!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

about blogging and such

I haven't posted in 12 days which I'm not at all pleased about. I wanted to create this post for a long time but not sure if I should do it on my blog or twitter and decided to keep Verre Tranquille babble free and create this blog. Sure, I'm pretty new (Actually, my first post was in July 2010 but I only started the story this April), but I'd rather have the unrelated posts never even in VT between the stories.

So, why haven't I posted? I don't feel like playing. Not in general, but the next couple of families, and maybe VT. Don't get me wrong, I love VT and my characters, but I feel so overwhelmed. I knew I would but I decided to still start the neighborhood with those 100 and something sims, my ambitious self. That and starting to blog my simmies together is, well, I said it - Overwhelming.

What will I do? I had dozens of options and eliminated any that included stopping VT because that year and something I had them in my mind got me too attached to quit. My least favorite option is playing VT on the side and starting a new neighborhood, but as much as I hate to admit it - It's still an option, not a likely one though. Another one I had in my mind was stopping to blog VT but keeping the blog and returning once I get the vibe of VT and am feeling ready to start blogging again, which will probably mean between 2-20 sim years. In case I choose that option I will still stay in touch with you guys: Comment on your blogs (Which I really should get back to doing, I feel so guilty, but trust me when I say I try to keep up), babble on twitter and possibly here. My next option is to change up my play schedule, and post updates of whichever family I feel like updating. I don't know how that will work and when will I age sims up and how my sims will get money before I tax them if I don't play them. It will also require me to do heavier storytelling which I do not want to do right now with my sims. I tried to do it with Ninette's story and it felt kind of wrong so I'd like to keep the simpler updates for now.

If you have any suggestions please tell me them. So far I'm thinking of the stop blogging for a while option but it also kind of pains me. Best to do it before I have more readers though, I guess.

And a teaser from an upcoming moving day update I made just because of me not wanting to finish the Vincent update, in all it's raw beauty, uncropped and such:

P.S. sorry if I'm really babbly and hard to understand, after all - It's a babble blog! But still, the language barrier may have created problems I didn't notice.

And if you're wondering - I am NOT quitting VT. Not at all!